Древесина ореха

Walnut is the wood species that has more decorative varieties in comparison with other wood species. Intricate texture decor adds special charm and elegance.

At times of baroque walnut wood was used where the highest quality of materials was required: chancels of majestic temples, palace halls, monarch’s residences.

Depending on the climate and soil the wood colour and structure can be different. Walnut is hardwood of medium density with moderate indicators of twist and solidity and small rigidity. Wood is easy to stain, to process and to polish.

Walnut is preferable wood species for contrast combination with light wood species. Apart from rich palette of shades and charming decors walnut has a very pleasant smell and pearl gleam.

Parquet from walnut suits any interior and harmonizes with different colours and materials. The setting can easily be changed in premises with walnut. Time does not influence parquet from walnut.

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3

600 – 650



Place of origin

Includes 40 species that grow in mixed deciduous forests of South Europe, Asia and America 

Color and structure

Main wood colours are grey and brown with black veins. Sapwood is cream-white. Wood has luxurious taint that gets brighter with time. Walnut has explicit texture that forms complicated compositions. .  

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