Древесина тика

Teak is considered the noblest wood, very precious and famous for its durability, solidity and stability to humid conditions. Teak is not susceptible to rot and decomposition because of high level of natural oil in wood. During excavations in India archaeologists find things made of teak that are 1000 years old.

Teak is used for production of the following types of flooring: massive board, block parquet and even parquet board. It should be mentioned that despite its hardness teak can be split to veneer (though it is not typical of exotic wood species).

Thanks to high humidity resistance parquet from teak can be laid in swimming pools, bathrooms and open terraces.

Hardness, N/mm2  


Density, kg/m




Place of origin


India, Burma, Thailand, Sumatra, Java, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands and countries

Color and texture

Wood color varies from dark brown to yellow-orange, sometimes with dark olive green, brown or black stripes that appear in case the wood is full of concrete substances. Wood is oily to the touch. Parquet from teak darkens under the influence of environment. Texture is large, inhomogeneous, straight-grained as a rule.  

Паркет тик
Тик массивная доска
Древесина тика, пол
Паркет для ванной
Тик, модульный паркет
Полы из тика