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Художественный паркет, рисунок

Medallion is an elegant closed composition in the artistic parquet pattern. Decorative medallions are often round-shaped or oval-shaped, but there are also square, rhombic, and even abstract types of medallions.

Generally, medallions are placed in the middle of the parquet flooring where it serves as the center of the composition. Decorative medallions make the floors appear complete, unique, and intricate. They are considered to be universal decorative elements of the parquet flooring helping conduct the style and atmosphere of the interior design.

An unlimited assortment of parquet patterns

Fancy ornaments or geometrical discipline, complex pattern or simple lines, glow of exotic wood species or nobility of wood, symbols, initials, and even portraits—the medallion pattern can include any of these elements. It all depends on your preferences and the specifics of your interior design. In decorative medallion production, we use a great variety of fine wood species, all of them having their own shades and textures.

In our catalogue, you can find a broad selection of medallion designs of any size or complexity. In each particular design, wood species (therefore, the color scheme) and composition elements can be changed at your request.

Розетка художественного паркетного пола
художественный паркет фото

Production quality assurance

On our high-precision equipment, we are able to produce the smallest elements fitting into the parquet flooring with pinpoint accuracy. That is why we are offering you to create your own parquet composition which is definitely going to please you and make you happy for many years.

Parquet is one of the most durable flooring types that have been known for more than two centuries. The artistic parquet production and installation technology has been worked out by our professionals during the long term of our service. We have managed to earn the trust of wide range of clients that is why our parquet floorings are a worthy addition to such historic places as the Grand Kremlin Palace, the State Hermitage Museum, the Palace of the Facets, etc.

Художественный паркет, розетка
Грановитая палата, художественный паркет
Этнический стиль в художественном паркете

Available medallion styles:

  • The Baroque. This style is known for its splendor, elegance, and decoration density. Gorgeous artistic parquet patterns are an integral part of the Baroque style. Medallions are the concentration of the parquet composition, which conduct a sense of completeness in the interior design.

  • Classicism. This style is famous for the strict symmetrical forms, laconism, and modesty, which are masterfully combined with luxury and elegance. Artistic parquet is one of the key features of classical interior designs. Medallions are traditional elements of the classical parquet pattern. Each medallion serves as the symmetrical center and logical end to the parquet composition.

  • Contemporary. Medallions are conventionally classified as symmetrical décor elements of the Baroque style or classicism. However, our production capacities allow us to design and manufacture medallions with a great number of patterns and various levels of complexity. We can offer you clock-shaped, compass-shaped, or chessboardlike medallions—or any other patterns for your parquet flooring.

  • Ethnic. Ethnic decorative medallion patterns resemble ornaments and symbols of different cultures and peoples. Oriental, African, Indian, and Slavic motifs are especially popular for medallion designs.

  • Барокко, художественный паркет
    Розетка в стиле классицизм
    Художественный паркет, розетка в современном стиле
    Розетка художественного паркета в стиле этника
  • The Empire. This luxurious and majestic style has not lost its relevance to this day. The Empire ornaments contain symbols of royalty and nobility. They are famous for their strict symmetry, laconism, and elegant style.

  • The Gothic. The Gothic style conducts the atmosphere of majesty and substantiality. Such intricate and unique parquet patterns are often used in Gothic inspired interior designs.

  • Monograms. With the help of parquet floorings, many royals managed to commemorate their family crests and monograms. Artistic parquet with such noble decorative elements will certainly become the center of any classical interior design composition.

  • Art Nouveau. Flowing lines, asymmetry, stained glass, and other floral or animalistic décor elements are typical for the Art Nouveau style. All the decorative motifs of the furniture, windows, or doors can be repeated in the modern artistic parquet pattern.

Ампир, розетка художественного паркета
Художественный паркет, розетка роза ветров
Художественный паркет с вензелем
Художественный паркет, модерн