Bespoke wooden panels

We offer a comprehensive selection of exquisitely unique bespoke wooden pictures crafted from the finest wood materials
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Wooden panels (pictures)

Панно из дерева

We offer the manufacture of wooden panels to order according to pictures or drawings. Ready-made panels are presented in this section.

Wooden panels - a special kind of wall decoration, picture-puzzle, which is collected from a variety of valuable wood species. Each breed has a unique color palette and texture, due to which the wooden paintings are distinguished by a complex composition with many shades and shades

The wall panel is a beautiful decoration for any interior, an excellent gift for a memorable date or a professional holiday. Our specialists have extensive experience in the development and creation of wooden panels. Elements are manufactured using high-precision equipment, the assembly is done manually, after which the painting is varnished. For each element, wood is carefully selected according to its tone and structure, as different breeds can have an uneven and motley pattern.

Typical plots of images for panels are landscapes, hunting scenes, still lifes, buildings, portraits, family coats of arms and much more. You are not limited in the choice, our masters adapt any image and produce a unique panel with the perfect fit of the parts.

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