Plank parquet

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Plank parquet

 Plank parquet is the most widespread natural floor covering. Such kind of parquet is a live classic and an integral part of the public interiors – theatres and museums. When installed in private apartments, it fulfills the home with more comfort and cosiness. 

Modern and high-technology equipment ensures exceptional accuracy of each element and perfect quality of the surface treatment. Tongue and groove joints give remarkably strong fitting thus guarantee aesthetic perfection and no gaps.

Паркет штучный
Зал дворца со штучным паркетом
Паркет штучный из разных пород


  • reliability and durability;
  • beauty – appealing wood texture is organic for any interior enriching the whole space;
  • eco-friendly material, as renewable and recyclable;
  • rich choice of wood species with different colors and veining;  
  • good noise and heat insulation to protect your comfortable living.

Design options 

In our catalogue you can find plank parquet from various wood species including rare and exotic ones. With wide choice of textures and color shades be sure to get the most appropriate interior solution. 

In addition, at your service are different types of finish treatment - toning, patina and brush - which can be combined to achieve the required result.

Installation pattern is one more way to give your space a fresh twist. Our skilled installers can lay chevron, basket wave, cubical patterns and much more. 

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