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Multilayer parquet

A combination of functionality and beauty of wooden floorings

Multilayer parquet is the common name for multilayer parquet floorings the top layer of which is manufactured from fine wood species (oak, walnut, maple, etc.) and the lower layers are produced from less valuable wood species or plywood.

Benefits of multilayer parquet

In comparison with solid wood floorings, multilayer parquet has several important benefits:

  • Better stability. Multilayer constructions are less subject to deformation in case of temperature and humidity regime violations.

  • Noble appearance. After installation, the multilayer parquet flooring matches the presentable appearance of the solid wood flooring. There are no visible differences, since the upper layer of engineered parquet is also manufactured from fine wood species.

  • The protective layer is applied at the production site. The most parquet types that we produce already have the protective layer applied under factory conditions on a special automated line. Such application way excludes the human factor and is beneficial for the shade homogeneity, which is almost impossible to achieve in case of applying the protection right at the location.

  • Quick and easy installation. Tongue and groove joints, standardized sizes and preapplied protection layer make the multilayer parquet installation as easy as the laminate flooring laying. All of the above significantly helps save your time and assembly costs.

Types of multilayer parquet

We produce the following types of multilayer parquet:

Engineering tiles

Engineered parquet tiles are a type of modular parquet the upper layer of which is manufactured from fine wood species and the lower one—using high-quality waterproof plywood. Modular parquet patterns are combined from perfectly geometrical parquet tiles. We can offer you four complete designs for your home or office—Verona, Gordon, Quadro, and Versailles.

Инженерный модульный паркет
Паркет из инженерных модулей
Паркет из модулей

Engineered board

Engineered board—just like engineered parquet tiles—consists of two layers, namely, fine wood species and plywood. Engineered board looks magnificent in modern interior designs and can totally compete with solid wood planks in appearance. Plywood sheets are glued in such a way that the fibers are located perpendicular to each other. This technique significantly increases its durability and performance.

3-layer parquet 

Three-layer parquet (or three-layer solid wood planks) consists of wood species of different assorting types and firmness levels. That could be a combination of oak radial, linden, oak rustic, etc. Such production model allows to use cheaper materials without prejudice to the magnificent appearance and durability characteristics of the parquet flooring. Moreover, the multilayer construction has better stability qualities under extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

Multilayer parquet production

We are glad to have a full production cycle at our disposal—from logging to finishing layer application. The strict supervision of each production step—logging, drying, workshop production, and finishing at the automatized line—is the key to the highest quality and prolonged durability term of our parquet floorings.

Инженерный модульный паркет, производство
Паркетный лак, нанесение
Производство инженерного паркета