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Engineered tiles in interiors

Engineered tiles constitute two-layer modular parquet (parquet planks) ready for installation. The upper layer is produced from fine wood species, and the lower—using water-resistant high-quality plywood.

Модульный паркет, инженерный модуль
Modular parquet patterns are combined through installing perfectly geometrical wooden planks. This modern parquet is considered to be one of the most progressive flooring types. The cost depends on types of wood used in the production and complexity of the pattern.

Key benefits of engineered tiles


Parquet finishing conducted right at the production site protects the plank surface from humidity and minute damages, and manages to preserve the magnificence of the natural wood grain.

Parquet finishing using professional oil and lacquer meets the highest quality requirements. The modern formula of parquet chemicals ensures matchless durability of engineered parquet planks. Given the proper care, parquet tiles will surely preserve their initial beauty and quality for many years to come!

Интерьер с инженерным модульным паркетом
Паркет щитовой
Версаль, модульный паркет
Quick installation

The installation of engineered tiles can be conducted quickly, since there is no need for sanding or finishing. High-precision element production guarantees quick laying without any difficulties or additional costs. The parquet installation does not take much time if it is performed by our professionals.


The two-layer structure makes  parquet tiles insusceptible to temperature and humidity changes compared to other wooden flooring types. Thanks to its durability and stability, engineered parquet floorings can have an almost unlimited service life.

Environmental friendliness

Wood is the best natural material for flooring production. Only the best fine wood species are used for manufacturing the upper layer of engineered parquet. We use exclusively environmentally friendly lacquers and oils for toning and finishing works.

Parquet tiles catalogue

In our engineered tiles catalogue, you can find a great selection of engineered parquet. Exquisite features of classical ornaments are conducted in a unique and stylish color palette. Here you can find the flooring that will perfectly fit into your interior design. If you are interested in ordering any type of engineered