Древесина кемпаса

Kempas is the cheapest exotic wood species that has very beautiful wood: by daylight the flooring looks absolutely golden.

Under the influence of light kempas darkens and acquires richer colour.

Thanks to high solidity and density kempas is suitable for producing floorings for premises where spills of acids and other highly active substances are possible (for example, in chemical laboratories).

In favourable environment conditions (without access of humidity and in the presence of ventilation) kempas can be used for many years. However, this wood species is sensitive to temperature and humidity changes in the premises. If the level of humidity is very low, there can appear cracks, planks can even crack in the middle. In premises where flooring is made of kempas humidifier should operate.

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3




Place of origin

South-eastern Asia  

Color and structure

Wood colour is bright: from golden-reddish to dark orange. Sapwood and core are very different from each other. Sapwood is about 5 cm thick, yellowish-white; core colour is initially light red, some time later it becomes red-orange. Structure is relatively even and dense. Texture at the cut is relatively even, with light longitudinal veins.  

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