Engineered tiles

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Engineered tiles

Technical excellence

The service life of such parquet flooring exceeds 50 years. The two-layer structure increases stability qualities of the parquet under extreme temperature and humidity conditions in any room.

Fine wood species planks combined in an original artistic parquet pattern are glued to the water-resistant plywood under high pressure.

Artistic parquet aesthetics and modern technology reliability at a reasonable price

Two-layer engineered parquet tiles are ready for installation.

Easy connection system

Engineered parquet tiles are connected through the keyed joint system which ensures their quick and easy installation, including laying parquet directly onto the rough floor.


Engineered floorings perfectly suit and enrich the room appearance. They will fill your home with warmth and coziness, originality and sense of natural comfort. Engineered tiles will shimmer under your feet allowing you to obtain an authentic connection with nature and becoming the source of inspiration for you and your family.


Finished designs for luxury lovers

Sophisticated features of classical patterns are turned into reality through unique and stylish color palette which pushes the conventional borders of traditional parquet floorings.

Individual design projects

We are ready to offer you countless possibilities for conducting an individual design according to your requests and drafts. More than 50 finishing variations—brushing, aging, coloring, patining, covering with oil or lacquer.