Древесина сапелли

Only during correct processing and polishing sapele discloses its unique nature qualities: gleam effect is seen best of all after brushing (sapelli creates dimmed light and discloses the depth of texture and the range of colours sparkling in the sunrays).

Wood is easy to stain, lacquer and polish. Thanks to high wear-resistance sapelli is successfully used in public buildings.

Parquet from sapele is a combination of original style and safety. It is a perfect way to emphasize high status of the interior. Initially the colous is pink-brown, with time it becomes red-brown.

Parquet from sapele creates exotic atmosphere and attractive contrast among modern interior elements. More often sapele is used as veneer.

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3

600 – 650



Place of origin

Rainforests from Sierra Leone to Angola and from Zaire to Uganda  

Color and structure

Red-brown with sandy shade and beautiful golden gleam. Spiral fibres add special decorative effect to the material..

Сапеле паркет
Сапеле паркет худоджественный