Solid parquet

Wood species
Decorative effects
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Solid parquet

Natural beauty

Solid wood flooring is one of the most precious floor covering to date. Massive parquet has perfect wear-resistance, high durability and environmental excellence.


Rich wood grain texture and natural warmth of wood welcome with unique and cosy atmosphere. Once seen for real - no one will remain indifferent with the beauty of such parquet. 

Массивная доска, фото в светлом интерьере
Фото массивной доски дуб крупным планом
Фаска на массивной доске в спальне

Strong and durable floor

Skillful combining of modern technologies let us maintain natural beauty of the wood and its durability. All the semi-finished products are dried in the kilns with carefully controlled temperature and humidity levels. Accordingly, the wood experiences  reduce in tension and thus it`s kept from cracking.

Our solid parquet is available 20 mm thick and can survive multiple generations. It`s our strength against our competitors. 

Factory applied finish

Along with unfinished solid parquet we produce wide range of finished products.

UV-curing oils and lacquers are applied with the use of modern technological complexes with automated system.  Finish coatings. Factory treated finish coating offers a higher strength and uniform color. Pre-finished solid parquet is ready for use immediately after installing. 

Подача массивной доски на линию УФ-покраски
Фото массивной доски на линии покраски с УФ-отверждением
Массивная доска после покраски крупный план

Always available solid parquet

Our careful analysis indicates that some positions from "Universum" and "Coperto" collections are in great demand.  To meet it we maintain adequate stock and are ready to meet your needs.

To buy solid parquet directly from the manufacturer, please call us or fill in the feedback form.

Bespoke item

Color development

In our color lab we can  match or develop any required color according to your design projects or samples. Placing particular order, color matching and samples are for free. 

Individual-oriented approach

We are ready to embody your ideas into reality and can manufacture custom designed solid parquet. Happy to offer you interesting solutions that can realize the most complex designs: curved parquet, heterogeneous fibrous wood structure, different parquet widths, complicated colors and much more.

Массивная доска подобранная по рисунку текстуры
Фото состаренной массивной доски дуб
Фаска на массивной доске в спальне
Фото модульной раскладки массивной доски разной ширины
Фото палубная раскладка из массивной доски разной ширины
Дубовая криволинейная массивная доска.