Древесина ярры

Jarra lets water through very hard, excelling even teak. However, jarra is not easy to use without protective coatings (big surface cracks).

Jarra wood is dense, shard, easy to sand and polish. It should be mentioned that this wood is rather difficult as far as colour grade is concerned (as a rule, it is supplied unsorted). Supplies of parquet from jarra are very rare.

Warm shades of parquet from jarra create a sense of comfort and calm. High wood qualities ensure durability and natural beauty of parquet flooring for many years. Exotic parquet from jarra is a real decoration of the house.

Hardness, N/mm2

5,5 – 6,0

Density, kg/m3

820 – 850



Place of origin

South-eastern part of Western Australia, all the territory of Western India, central and northern parts of South America 

Color and texture

Jarra is a commercial name for more than 500 types of Australian eucalyptus that are distinguished by bright colours: all shades of the red colour, mainly from strawberry to dark red colour. Jarra darkens with time. Sapwood is whitish or pale brown, it differs from the ripe wood by colour, but there is no clear colour boundary between them. Structure is usually straight-grained, but can be wavy or spotty. Texture is medium and even.

Ярра паркет