Древесина венгеWenge is always in demand thanks to its decorative qualities and durability.

At present wenge is the most popular exotic wood species. Wenge is heavy, stable to pressure and twist. Wenge has a very high linear expansion coefficient.

Wenge is unique wood species: when it is covered with lacquer or oil its colour is almost black, it harmonizes perfectly with any light wood species – olive tree, zebrano, maple, ash, etc.

Parquet flooring and massive board from wenge make it possible to create stylish and effective interior practically of any style. Parquet from wenge is suitable for rich interiors of Art-Deco or Art nouveau styles, it will ennoble calm minimalism or modern High-tech together with glass and metal. Very often flooring made of wenge is used for creating ethnic stylization – Moroccan, Mexican, African styles, oriental and Asian stylization (especially Japanese).

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3




Place of origin

Tropical jungle of Western and Central Africa up to Zaire. The name "wenge" is used in regard to West African Millettia laurentii and East African Millettia stuhlmannii.  

Color and texture

Wood is very beautiful: colour from golden to very dark brown with black veins, large structure, smooth fibres. Sapwood is different from the core: it is lighter, its colour varies from whitish to pale yellow; width of sapwood is 3 cm.  

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