Древесина ироко

Iroko is used in places where stability is more than important.

Iroko has grinded wavy design and shiny amber layers.

Iroko wood is characterized by perfect indicators of technical qualities: solid and stable.

Parquet from iroko is impressive and elegant exotic wood flooring: soft variations of dark brown colour play on the surface. Year by year yellowish shades of iroko become richer and even acquire brown colour.

Prices for that wood are not high, it is rather affordable at the Russian market.

Hardness, N/mm2  


Density, kg/m3




Place of origin

African tropical region from Sierra Leone in the west to Tanzania in the east

Color and structure

Wood has wide colour range from light brown to dark brown. Sapwood has palish brown colour. Dark stripes and strokes are often present. Wood surface is moderately glossy, fibres are interlaced. Texture is moderately large and even.  

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