Древесина падук

At its home padouk is surrounded by a lot of myths and mysteries: flowers and twigs are ritual attributes. It is believed that wood does not lose its qualities after long contact with water, but water begins to glow.

Padouk wood is very stable, its mean lifetime is 25 years. This tree with great energy positively influences man’s mental state. It has attractive and at the same time sedative spicy fragrance. Bright coral-red colour darkens with time, acquires richness.

Padouk is widely used, it is considered one of the best materials for flooring thanks to its durability, stability to environmental impacts and beautiful texture. Due to the combination of dignity and exoticism parquet from padouk brings style exquisiteness, gorgeousness and solidity to any interior.

Padouk is quite rare material and because of its popularity and high demand can rarely be seen as solid wood. Block parquet from padouk is usually made of solid planks of approximately similar dimensions. During parquet laying combination of different shades is used.

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3




Place of origin

There exist no less than 70 padouk species that grow in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South-East asia and Austarlia.  

Color and structure

Wood colour is from bloody red to dark brown with red veins. Sapwood is of oatmeal colour, quite wide (sometimes up to 200 mm). Fibres are straight or a bit spotty. Texture is moderately large.  

Падук, художественный паркет
Художественный паркет из падука
Падук в модульном паркете
Падук паркет