Древесная порода мербау

Merbau acquired a reputation as wood species that can sustain conditions of Esat European climate and Russian winter. Durability of parquet from merbau practically is not limited. Parquet from merbau is a combination of beauty, stability and water-resistance.

Merbau is called iron tree: parquet from merbau is subject to external mechanical impacts, does not fade, repels excessive moisture, is not susceptible to rot, deformation-proof, does not crack with heat.

Parquet flooring from merbau has a very attractive appearance thanks to original wavy structure of fibres that form exquisite decors. Rich colour of merbau parquet makes it possible to create atmosphere of stylishness and individuality. This wood perfectly combines with oak and is used for creating contrast interiors.

Flooring from merbau brings dignity and elegance and will not remain unnoticed.

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3




Place of origin

Merbau includes up to 10 species that grow from east African coast to Australia and Polynesia  

Color and texture

Wood is mainly brown: from light to dark brown, sometimes with yellow veins. Distinctive feature of merbau is resin canals and sunny golden lighting that is distinguished by daylight. Core has yellowish colour, close to orange-brown or dark red-brown colour. Sapwood is pale yellow, differs completely from core. Merbau can be sorted by colour: light, medium and dark. Texture is large, but not homogeneous. Fibres are knotty.

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