Порода клен

Maple is ideal material for parquet flooring: practical and easy to maintain. Despite its delicacy and velvet softness maple is the hardest wood for parquet that can sustain different loads.
Parquet from maple has perfect colour scale of light shades with barely distinguishable fibres: inimitable silky texture is ideally combined with unsurpassed softness of shades. In the course of time maple becomes yellower.

Light texture of maple parquet will make any premises light and spacious, create feeling of freedom and lightness. Such colour can visually enlarge the space. Often maple is used for creating contrast background for furniture.

It is easy to imitate many of rare wood species with even texture by means of maple. It is often toned in different colours, mainly in red, green or pink.

Bird’s-eye maple is highly estimated. It is a variety of maple the structure of which has the so-called eyes resembling small dots of darker color.

Hardness, N/mm2    4,5 – 4,8
Density, kg/m3   530 – 650
Stability, standart unit   2
Place of origin Europe (European maple), North America (American or Canadian maple), the Far East. Family of maple numbers more than 150 different species of trees.
Color and texture White with yellow or red shades. Numerous medullar rays are seen at all cuts. Sapwood and ripe wood do not practically differ. Surface is glossy with pearl gleam, depending on illumination the colour changes from pink to grey. Quartersawn cut is very beautiful.

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