Pre-finished tiles

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Pre-finished tiles

Pre-finished tiles are artistic parquet tiles which are normally of a bigger size, these tiles have a textured surface with chamfers on each element. Parquet tiles are manufactured from fine solid wood species owing to which this flooring type is known only for the best qualities of wooden floors.

  Such benefits include:

  • Durability. Provided proper operating conditions, solid wood parquet tiles will last more than a century;
  • Magnificent appearance. The natural pattern of the fine wood species will be a great addition to any interior design;
  • Warmth of the natural material. Wooden floors will bring natural elegance and comfortability into your home;
  • Environmental friendliness. The finished parquet is covered with oil or water-based lacquer;
  • Good heatproof and soundproof characteristics. This is a key feature of any wooden flooring.

Модульный паркет орех
Массивный модульный паркет
Модульный паркет из массивных модулей

Solid tiles by ArtParquet

We offer parquet produced exclusively by our company—both unfinished or pre-finished. Solid wood tiles are covered with high-quality lacquer or oil on the production site. Only finished products arrive at the location owing to which the installation time is drastically reduced. Unfinished parquet tiles are covered with lacquer or oil after the laying.

Tiles, catalogue

In our catalogue, you will find a great assortment of solid wood tiles with elegant geometrical patterns,  engineered tiles, tiles with stone or metal inlays, and classical artistic parquet tiles.

If you would like to order tiles, you only need to order project calculation or request a call back.