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Sports flooring

Features of the sports parquet

Along with an attentive eye to the quality of the product we also take care of your health. The best investment  to your safety is choosing the right sports flooring. And that`s why we are happy to offer you our sports parquet suitable for both active sport and leisure  activities. 

Distinguished feature of this kind of floor covering is outstanding shock absorbtion and specific lacquer finish. All this ensures protection of athletes` joints, reduces the risk of slips and grips and delivers sufficient rebound.

Спортивные полы
Спортивный паркет в зале
Спортивный зал с деревянным полом


  • durability;
  • resilience;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • easy cleanability,
  • acceptable reconstruction;
  • environmentally conscious product.


Конструкция спортивного паркета Here is one of the most widely spread flooring system–plywood design. It`s multilayer construction providing required ball rebound and sufficient force reduction.  

Key-elements of sports parquet:

  1. Solid wood planks–upper layer from hardwood species such as maple, ash, oak and beech covered with flexible yet hard and scratch-resistant lacquer;
  2. Moisture-proof plywood base;
  3. Shock absorbers–obligatory detail to reduce playing force to recover energy;
  4. Floor battens (when necessary);
  5. Underlayment (when necessary) for sound absorbtion and insulation.
Спортивный пол
Баскетбольный зал с паркетом
Спортивный паркет в большом зале

Main characteristics

Any kind of sports flooring must meet or even exceed the established requirements. Undermentioned points should me apreciated to make sure the floor is serviceable:

  • Resilience – minimum energy loss when meeting the surface;

  • Ball bounce – quick ball bounce after hitting the floor;

  • Coefficient of friction – is a value that shows the relationship between the force of friction between sports parquet and ball with the standard – 0,4-0,6;

  • Ability to withstand pressure –  the floor must be capable to of bearing the expected load from carts and sports equipment.

Properly installed sports parquet flooring always meet the highest standards and are ideal for team ball sports. The production of our sports parquet is based on environmentally conscious technologies. It gives us one more specific feature.