Древесина дуба

Since long ago oak takes first place among hard and valuable wood species used in parquet flooring.

Oak wood is solid, durable, resistant to exposures. In the course of time oak grows dark a bit.

Colour, density and hardness of oak depend on the place of growth: oak that grows in dry sandy area has yellow wood with fine-grain texture, is very hard, but not elastic; oak that grows in mountain areas has pale pink colour with large-grain texture, known as red oak in America. North trees that grow on poor soil have better wood than south trees.

In order to add to oak wood more decorative qualities it is often subject to staining or etching – for many years wood is hold in water, as a result wood acquires silky dark violet colour. Staining increases wood hardness at the same time increasing its fragility.

Oak parquet is distinguished by high wear resistance and simplicity of maintenance. This flooring will make you happy during many years.

Oak can be processed in different ways: brushing, ageing, thermal treatment, hewing, burning, patination, toning. All this makes various designs possible. Oak is toned more often than other wood species.

When laying oak parquet in premises with high passability one should bear in mind that the more the thickness of growth rings is, the more wear-resistant wood is.

Hardness, N/mm2   3,7 – 3,9
Density, kg/m3
Place of origin Northern hemisphere, mainly Europe, Southeastern Asia and Northwestern America. Oak is distinguished by great variety and numbers about 200 varieties.
Color and structure Wood colour varies from light brown to yellow-brown with beautiful texture at the cut. Sapwood is light yellow. Oak wood has core of dark brown or yellow-brown colour with narrow yellowish sapwood. Growth rings and wide medullary rays are clearly seen at all cuts. 

Дубовый щитовой паркет
Дубовый штучный паркет
Интерьер с дубовым паркетом
Дубовые художественные модули
Паркет плетенка дуб
Паркет дуб
Дубовый модульный паркет
Дубовый паркет из художественных модулей