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Parquet decoration elements—luxurious addition to your floor design

Декоры художественного паркета

Decoration elements are separate artistic elements of the parquet pattern. They are ones of the key features of the artistic parquet along with rosettes and decorative borders.

With the help of decoration elements, you can bring elegance and spontaneity, or classical restraint, symmetry, and orderliness into the atmosphere of your home or office. In any case, parquet decoration elements are always a wonderful choice both for classical and modern interior designs.

Parquet decoration elements peculiarities:

  • decorative elements make the parquet flooring appear intricate and complete;
  • they fill the empty floor space;
  • these elements may become a unique and exclusive part of the interior design;
  • and they adapt the parquet according to the reigning style of your rooms and halls.

On our high-precision equipment, we are able to produce wooden elements (up to 5 mm thick) that will be later on included into the whole parquet ensemble. Thus, we can manufacture both complex and simple decorative elements from a great number of solid wood species upon your request.

The pattern selection is unlimited. It could be just a symbolic pattern manufactured from one contrasting wood species, or an intricate composition consisting of numerous shades and tones.

Each wood species has its own color palette and grain. The patterns produced from natural materials become lively as the light hits the wood fibers. Under different light conditions, the decorative elements appear in various gorgeous shades¬—amber, copper, rose, or chestnut.

Here you can see a great selection of decorative elements for parquet floorings. You can find elements that will fit into interior designs of different styles and genres—modern, Baroque, Empire, and more. Designing original decorative elements is free of charge.

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