Olive tree

Древесина оливы

Olive tree is characterized by high density, nonsusceptibility to seasonal deformation and shrinkage, and rich decorative structure.

Olive wood is easy to sand, polish and stain. It has high density and is little susceptible to shrinkage. It is characterized by high wear resistance. The main requirement during parquet flooring from olive tree is strict observance of temperature-humidity conditions (constant level of humidity should be 45–65%).

Olive tree is not big, that is why the dimensions of planks are relatively small.

Parquet flooring from olive wood is parquet flooring for luxurious and stylish interiors.

Hardness, N/mm2    6,0
Density, kg/m3
Stability   3
Place of origin Mainly South Europe and close to it Asian regions
Color and structure Wood colour is mainly yellow with decorative black veins that are not uniformly placed on the surface. Texture is marble, many-coloured. Sapwood is light brown, later it darkens a bit.

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