Artistic parquet is considered to be an essential attribute of gorgeous ballrooms and the salon culture. It has always served as a symbol of substantiality, authentic quality, wealth, and exquisite taste. Nowadays artistic parquet is experiencing its renaissance by gaining popularity with art lovers all over the world.

In the course of due care and adherence to specifications the durability of decorative flooring made of wood is from 70 to 100 years and even more.

Parquet is widespread natural floor covering—live classic and an integral part of the luxurious apartments.

Modular parquet is a flooring type assembled from artistic parquet tiles. The pattern of each parquet tile is a combination of several interconnected wooden elements.

Here you can find pros and cons of such floor covering

There`re diversity patterns of parquet installation: simple and complicated plank combinations, from one wood specie as well as mix of more than one. 

Here you can find the most popular ones.

Solid wood flooring is one of the most precious floor covering to date. Massive parquet has perfect wear-resistance, high durability and environmental excellence.