Wood species

Amaranth, known as purple wood, is highly valued thanks to unique hues, many-coloured striped or spotty texture.

Thanks to homogeneous structure of wood parquet flooring made of beech looks calm, warm and soft. Natural pastel shades of beech harmonize with any interior.

Wenge is unique wood species: when it is covered with lacquer or oil its colour is almost black, it harmonizes perfectly with any light wood species

Wood of cherry tree is very decorative thanks to fanciful texture lines and warm nature shades.

Thanks to its dense structure pear tree is perfect material for producing minute element of parquet composition.

Since long ago oak takes first place among hard and valuable wood species used in parquet flooring.

Паркет из зебрано – это экзотическое напольное покрытие премиум-класса, которое будет отличным вариантом для любого помещения, от спальни до гостиной.

Parquet from iroko is impressive and elegant exotic wood flooring: soft variations of dark brown colour play on the surface. Year by year yellowish shades of iroko become richer and even acquire brown colour

Parquet from this wood species can be used in order to create interiors in different style solutions: minimalism, Art Deco, Ethnic, etc. Bear in mind that ipe is rather spotty and colour drops are possible.

The texture of karelian birch has no equal among light wood species. The birch’s design (quantity of intricate curls) depends on the place of its growth. Wood with great quantity of curls is highly valued. Karelian birch without curls is called "marble", as after processing it starts playing like marble.

Thanks to high solidity and density kempas is suitable for producing floorings for premises where spills of acids and other highly active substances are possible (for example, in chemical laboratories).

Light texture of maple parquet will make any premises light and spacious, creates feeling of freedom and lightness.

Mahogany is conventional name for tropical wood species that have red wood and distinguish by variety of texture and fibres

Parquet flooring from merbau has a very attractive appearance thanks to original wavy structure of fibres that form exquisite decors.

Olive tree is characterized by high density, nonsusceptibility to seasonal deformation and shrinkage, and rich decorative structure.

Walnut is the wood species that has more decorative varieties in comparison with other wood species. Intricate texture decor adds special charm and elegance.

Padouk is widely used, it is considered one of the best materials for flooring thanks to its durability, stability to environmental impacts and beautiful texture. Due to the combination of dignity and exoticism parquet from padouk brings style exquisiteness, gorgeousness and solidity to any interior.

Quality high-class parquet flooring from rosewood is considered the most diverse as far as wood colours are concerned. Thanks to rich colour range parquet from rosewood does not look as completely dark flooring. Moreover, it becomes lighter with time, especially in premises where it is often sunny.

The main peculiarity of plane tree is a wide range of shades even within one log: from pink-grey to red-brown or even yellow. It inserts in the interior note of originality and aesthetic qualities.

Parquet from sapelli is a combination of original style and safety. It is a perfect way to emphasize high status of the interior. Initially the colous is pink-brown, with time it becomes red-brown.

Teak is considered the noblest wood, very precious and famous for its durability, solidity and stability to humid conditions. Thanks to high humidity resistance parquet from teak can be laid in swimming pools, bathrooms and open terraces.

Warm shades of parquet from jarra create a sense of comfort and calm. High wood qualities ensure durability and natural beauty of parquet flooring for many years

To reach a special effect ash is slightly toned, heat-treated, aged and brushed. Flooring from ash is characterized by ideal smoothness of surface creating the feeling of harmony, peace, space, freedom and ease.

Jatoba is the most popular import wood species. It is characterized by beauty, beautiful color and perfect hardness. Jatoba emits orange resin that after millions of years turns into amber.