Purple wood Древесина амаранта

Amaranth was used in parquet floorings of the Winter Palace in S. Petersburg already 150 years ago.
One of the main features of this wood specie is the ability to resist to shocks and high wear resistance.

In Russia "purple wood" is highly valued thanks to unique hues, many-coloured striped or spotty texture. It should be mentioned that as time passes amaranth becomes darker under the influence of sun (the colour becomes black).

More often amaranth is used in artistic parquet as decorative inlays in design. Block parquet and massive board made of amaranth are quite stable and little subject to deformation.

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3

800 – 950



Place of origin

Brazil, Panama, Guiana, Suriname, north part of South America

Color and texture

Purple-crimson or dark lilac with cream-white or pinkish-brown sapwood. Wood is scattered vascular with expressive texture. Annual rings are visible (dark brown stripes on the quartersawn surface).  

Амарант паркет
Паркет с амарантом
Амарант паркет
Амарент в художественном паркете
Амарант в дворцоваом паркете
Амарант в художественным паркетом