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Проект паркетного пола

Interior design is a single stylistic concept that unites all the compounds of the interior. Design-engineering is development of images of interior elements. It is based on considered ideas and decisions and reflects competent planning decision and interest design. Specialists of the company’s design-studio create unique individual interiors. The company’s priority is individual approach to every client.

In sections "Photos" and "Projects" you can see the projects that are already finished. You will see that each project is unique, it is created by professionals.

The main stages of design:

1-st stage.

Basing on the plan of premises with all the dimensions and placement of furniture our specialists can offer different stylistic decisions that reveal the potentialities of the premises. At this stage the selection of decorative elements (borders, medallions, inlays and other decorative elements) is made. As a result a sketch of future interior is created. The company’s specialists will try to emphasize all the minute details of the interior.

2-d stage.

Creation of the sketch (a detailed colour drawing of the future interior). The sketch is created taking into consideration stylistic decision, individual preferences and colours used in the premises. The company’s designers create unique projects based on own ideas and drawings, drawings of ancient palace interiors or standard drawings of pattern parquet, borders, medallions and other decorative elements from Catalogue.

Паркет дизайн
Проектирование дизайна полов

3-d stage.

Computer visualization of parquet flooring is made. The designers make a design-project (pictures of photographic quality of elements of the interior).

The design-project makes it possible to see parquet flooring, wall panels, caisson ceilings in the interior. The design-project is a result of collaboration between the client and the designers. Now the designers choose colours and necessary proportions, insert created ornaments among furniture. Computer modelling is made taking into account technological and technical possibilities of the company.

Thanks to high-tech systems projects look similar to real premises. Design-projects help to get the idea of the final result already at this stage.

3D-визуализация паркетного пола
Интерьер в 3Д

4-th stage.

When working with large-scale projects their 3D visualization is made. 3D modelling helps to get photorealistic pictures of flooring in the interior. The client can consider different variants of parquet flooring taking into account wood species, furniture placement, etc. 3D visualization of the project facilitates the communication between the client and designers and helps to visualize the final result.

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