3-layer parquet

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3-layer parquet

Трехслойная доска, паркет

Three-layer parquet is produced from different wood species. The structure of this parquet increases the durability and insusceptibility to temperature and humidity changes in the room. Wood species with different flexibility levels balance out the pressure within the material which allows to avoid casting and cracking.

Only super strong water-resistant polyurethane hot adhesives helping avoid delamination are used in the gluing process of three-layer parquet. The planks are glued at the modern equipment under high pressure. All the parquet chemicals used in the production are manufactured from ecological components exclusively.

One of the main features of three-layer parquet durability is its cross structure—that means that the wood fibers are located transversal to each other. This increases its stability and service life of the parquet. The finishing layer (parquet lacquer or oil) are applied at the production site—the parquet planks are ready for installation and do not need any additional processing. The laying should be performed using two-part adhesives or by floating installation.

Here you can find a wide selection of three-layer parquet in different colors and finishing types(brushing, patining, chamfer shading, scraping, sawing, decorative wormholes, etc.). You can find an ideal option for your interior design. Apart from completed color palettes, we are offering you to choose the colors individually upon request.