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At present beech is one of the most popular materials. It makes it possible to create beautiful and light parquet flooring that reflects sunshine. Parquet flooring from beech is cheaper than parquet flooring from exotic wood species.

Beech reacts to changes in humidity, in this case beech is a "capricious" wood species. This feature of beech is not regarded negative as it is natural quality of wood: relative air humidity in the premises should not be below 45% or above 55%.

Beech is hard, solid, heavy and flexible. It is easily chopped. Steamed wood of beech is easily bent. It is easily toned and can be imitated to walnut and redwood.

Beech is widely used for producing parquet flooring. Thanks to homogeneous structure of wood parquet flooring made of beech looks calm, warm and soft. Natural pastel shades of beech harmonize with any interior. Floorings for ballet and sports are traditionally made of beech.

Hardness, N/mm2


Density, kg/m3




Place of origin

Central Europe, Japan and North America   

Color and texture

Wood color is yellowish or reddish-white. In the course of time colour becomes richer. Growth rings are clearly differentiated, medullary rays are seen at all sections. Wood is not shiny. After thermal treatment beech changes its colour from pastel pink (pink beech) to red-brown (smoky beech). 

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