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We offer a comprehensive selection of exquisitely unique bespoke boiserie crafted from the finest wood materials
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Стеновые панели в интерьере

Wall panels (French boiserie) serve as one of the most important elements of a complex interior design. They are used for wall, partition, and arch decoration.

Wooden wall paneling completely changes the perception of the whole interior design. Depending on the panel type, the rooms decorated with wall panels obtain the nobility and substantiality of classicism, or originality and boldness of modernism. Such interior designs always look complete, solid, and rich.

Modern designers have unjustly avoided using wall panels. However, over the past few years these décor elements have been gaining their popularity back. Nowadays, wooden décor elements are widely used in study rooms, living rooms, libraries, pool halls, offices, and various public places. Wall panels make any interior design appear original, stylish, and functional. They help fulfil the following tasks:

  • conceal the defects of the previous finishing, wall imperfections, or wiring;

  • create an intricate and luxurious interior design;

  • improve the soundproofing qualities;

  • conduct the additional weatherization;

  • bring the authentic beauty of the natural material.

Boiserie are produced mainly of MDF—that is an engineered wood board formed by applying high temperature. The upper layer is the fine wood species veneer and carved elements made of solid wood. The special attention is paid to the decorative qualities of the natural wood grain pattern. The panels are ornamented with handmade elements, patina, pigmented lacquer, fabric, through gilding, painting, and staining.

We are offering you a wall panel catalogue with examples of different styles. Here you can choose the necessary wall panels and send a calculation request afterwards.

Отделка стен деревом
Белые стеновые панели
Панели стеновые дерево

We are also offering the wall panel production upon customer’s request. You can choose the style, form, color, fabric, painting, carving ornament, veneer, or decorative finishing yourself. Our professionals will gladly prepare a design project, implement it at our production site, and install it quickly and skillfully. We are ready to deal with all the problems concerning the product delivery and installation.