Tiles with inlays

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Tiles with inlays

Harmony of contrasting materials

Parquet tiles with different types of inlays is a flooring type consisting of parquet tiles ornamented with different solid materials. Such materials include mosaics, crystals, metal elements, and some types of ornamental stones (marble, granite, onyx, etc.).

Ornamented parquet tiles will be suitable for those who would like to combine such flooring with ceramic granite, stone, or other finishing materials used in the interior design. The parquet flooring can be inlaid with the same stone as your coffee table, tabletop or the same metal as the armchair legs in your living room.

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A riot of color and noble modesty

The main feature of the inlaid parquet flooring is that there is a great variety of color solutions. The solid wood grain can be accompanied by either cool and rich undertones of mosaics, soft and elegant pattern of marble, or dim and warm brass shine. Such parquet type never fails to make the floor appear expensive and luxurious, and it brings originality and freshness into the atmosphere. Inlaid parquet tiles perfectly suit both modern and classical interior designs.

Benefits of inlaid tiles

Apart from luxurious authentic appearance, this parquet flooring type—just like the classical tiles—has many important benefits:

  • durability (the service life of such flooring exceeds 80 years);
  • good soundproof and heatproof characteristics;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • restoration possibilities.

A great variety of parquet tiles

In our catalogue, you can find parquet tiles of different styles, genres, and degrees of complexity. Here you can find parquet tiles inlaid with brass, onyx, granite, marble, and other durable materials which perfectly highlight the natural wood texture.

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