Karelian birch

Древесина карелькой березы

Karelian birch is very rare wood species. In international trade it is measured by kilograms, not by cubic metres.

The texture of karelian birch has no equal among light wood species. The birch’s design (quantity of intricate curls) depends on the place of its growth. Wood with great quantity of curls is highly valued. Karelian birch without curls is called "marble", as after processing it starts playing like marble.

As a rule, the length of blanks is 50-150 cm, rare it is 200-300 cm. Solid wood and veneer of birch are easy to process, they can easily be toned, thus opening boundless possibilities for design.

Even the simplest parquet (block parquet) made of karelian birch looks exquisite. The nature took care about intricate designs on wood. Karelian birch is mainly used for decorative inlays in designs of artistic parquet.

Hardness, N/mm2
Density, kg/m3
Stability   3
Place of origin
Karelia, Baltic states (including Estonia)m Asia and Europe below latitude 65° North 

Color and texture  

After processing the colour of karelian birch varies from cream to dark yellow, with intricate design resembling marble. Characterized by explicit mother-of-pearl glitter.

Карельская береза, паркет
Карельская береза паркет
Интерьер с карельской березой
Штучный паркет из березы
Карельская береза, штучный паркет
Карельская береза модульный паркет