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Harmony and classical gracefulness for your interior design

Интерьер с художественным модульным паркетом

Modular parquet is a flooring type assembled from artistic parquet tiles. The pattern of each parquet tile is a combination of several interconnected wooden elements.

Modular parquet floorings are a traditional feature of magnificent ballrooms, theatres, museums, well-respected organizations, and of course private apartments and houses. The tiles bring harmony, gracefulness, and chic both into classical and modern interior designs. Modular parquet is indeed one of the most universal types of artistic parquet.

Artistic parquet tiles always bring stylistic perfection and wholeness into interior designs. Modular parquet floorings help balance out different decoration elements and visually enlarge the space. Stylistically close parquet tiles successfully combine different parts of the room into the whole and finished ensemble.

Practical benefits of tiles

Apart from the aforementioned esthetic advantages tiles have several practical benefits:

  • they can be restored repeatedly through polishing and lacquering;
  • the service life is unlimited;
  • the natural material is solid yet flexible;
  • high heatproof and soundproof qualities;
  • environmental friendliness.

Out of any other compositional artistic parquet types, tiles are the least expensive, since they are really easy in laying and generally consist of fewer complex elements and wood species.

In our catalogue, you can see a great variety of parquet tiles with patterns of different styles and levels of complexity. If you cannot find the suitable tile among the ones we have, we will surely create an individual pattern which will fit into your interior design.

Our design studio manages unique flooring projects which will then be translated into reality using modern high-precision woodworking machinery. This allows us to create original quality artistic parquet floorings for each room in particular. Designing the project and calculating its cost are free of charge.

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