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Artistic parquet

A work of art under your feet

Artistic parquet –is a unique flooring type with a complex composition made out of a variety of wooden details. It’s often called tessellated, mosaic, or palace parquet, since it could only be previously found in palaces and marvelous mansions.

Artistic parquet is considered to be an essential attribute of gorgeous ballrooms and the salon culture. It has always served as a symbol of substantiality, authentic quality, wealth, and exquisite taste. Nowadays artistic parquet is experiencing its renaissance by gaining popularity with art lovers all over the world.

This parquet type fills even the most ordinary and modest interior designs with the atmosphere of delicacy and luxury. Artistic parquet perfectly suits the Baroque chic, the Empire majesty, and the classical grace. It has also become a part of contemporary interior designs—it manages to ennoble the modern utility and create unique contrasts.

Паркет художественный
Большой зал с художественным паркетом

An unlimited assortment of artistic parquet patterns

Artistic parquet always offers room for creativity. With the help of our professional designers, you can choose your own unique parquet pattern that can coincide with your ceiling rosette ornaments or wall frescoes. That could be a laconic combination of two wood species or an intricate pattern with plenty of shades and tones.

Monograms, family crests, national ornaments, symbols, relics, or any other things close to our hearts can be depicted in the artistic parquet pattern.

Apart from creating individual design projects, we offer you to choose from our catalogue of existing artistic parquet patterns that will fit in any interior design.

Современный интерьер с художественным паркетом
Паркет из художественных модулей
Модульный паркет

Parquet production

Artistic parquet production is a difficult and elaborate process. Craftsmen of the past had to calculate every centimeter of the pattern and carve every single detail manually. Only the best cabinetmakers could manage such work.

Under modern circumstances, the whole production process is computerized which allows for high-precision element cutting. The thickness of each element can be reduced to 5 mm. Our parquet workshops are equipped with the special software, laser technology, and modern machinery. Thus, installing our materials doesn’t cause any problems or difficulties.

At our production site, we pay special attention to the wood selection. Artistic parquet is manufactured only using fine wood species—all of which have their unique grains and color palette.

Производство паркета
Сборка паркета

How much does artistic parquet flooring cost?

Prices for artistic parquet vary according to the pattern complexity and chosen wood species cost. The prices are usually pretty high—higher than for any other parquet types, since artistic parquet is the most elite parquet there is.

Under proper operating conditions such parquet can serve for more than a century—considering that, its price can definitely be justified. Each artistic parquet project is calculated individually, as a result, we don’t indicate the prices for some of our products. Designing the project and calculating its cost are free of charge.