Древесина груши

Pear tree is dense hard wood species with high compression resistance and impact strength, resistant to rot, easy to process. To make the wood harder it is placed into water for a long period of time. After that it is dried in shadow. After drying it acquires brownish shade. Steamed wood has reddish colour. Pear tree is easy to lacquer and to polish.

Due to beautiful texture and colour pear tree is traditionally used in parquet production. Pear tree is widely used in intarsia and marquetry (decorative inlays in design).

Hardness, N/mm2
Density, kg/m3   700 – 750
Stability   2
Color and texture
Europe, West and Central Asia, other regions. There exist about 60 species
Color and texture Wood colour is pink or red-brown. Sapwood is of the same colour as ripe wood. Dark points at butts and brownish points at quartersawn cuts can be seen. Medullary rays and growth rings are seen when the wood is chopped in quartersawn direction. Parquet from pear tree practically does not have structure. 

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