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Have you ever dreamt about a new elegant interior design all elements of which are manufactured in such a way that they become a completed ensemble? You came to the right place! Art Parquet offers a wide range of services, including working out an entire interior design project from the ceiling to the floor. We collaborate with professional furniture producers, lighting technicians, and antiquarians, and we will gladly design, manufacture, and install doors, wall panels, coffered ceilings, and stairways at your home or office.

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How we work:

  • preliminary calculation;

  • conclusion of the Contract;

  • the first payment stage: 10%;

  • measuring the space;

  • conducting a design project and a 3D interior model;

  • approval of the design project;

  • calculation update;

  • the second payment stage: 60%;

  • preparation of the design documentation;

  • production;

  • completion of production;

  • the third payment stage: 20%;

  • delivery and installation;

  • completion of works, signing the Acceptance Report;

  • the final payment stage: 10%.

In our design studio and at our production site, we create unique interior designs of any style and genre—the Baroque, the Empire, classical, modern, Art Deco, hi-tech, and more! We are taking responsibility for solving any problems concerning delivery and installation. Having contacted us, you are going to receive your ideal interior design without any fuss.

Our customer’s wishes play a key role at the project phase. The luxurious interior design having its master’s features is a true piece of art that is going to serve you for many decades. Wooden ceilings, wall panels, handmade décor elements can be perfectly incorporated into every interior design in order to highlight the key features of natural materials.

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