Modern trends in traditional parquet. Different styling options are possible:

Chevron parquet
Dark and light colored parquet

Wood species
Decorative effects
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Паркет французская елка

Chevron pattern is one of the simplest and most elegant parquet laying types that has been known since times immemorial. The parquet preserved at the French castles of thirteenth and fifteenth centuries (for example, the Château de Chenonceau) supports this point.

The key feature of the Chevron pattern and its main distinction from the usual herringbone is the skewed planks (45 degrees instead of 90 degrees). The planks are tightly fitted at their narrow sides. Such laying technique makes the whole flooring appearance stylish and, at the same time, unpretentious. The traditional herringbone better fits into classical interior designs, whereas the Chevron pattern is a universal parquet for any type of décor.

The Chevron parquet laying is timeless. It skillfully highlights the beauty of the natural wood grain. Parquet planks with multidirectional wood fibers are combined into a unique pattern, owing to which the whole flooring space looks filled and diverse.

The herringbone planks are engineered parquet planks the two-layer structure of which ensures high stability level and insusceptibility to temperature and humidity changes. Moreover, one of the key features of engineered parquet is the fine wood species economy and rational material usage.

елка укладка
елка паркет
    Traditional type of parquet laying, Chevron
укладка елкой, разноцветный паркет
    Multicolored Chevron