Bespoke caisson ceilings

We offer a comprehensive selection of exquisitely unique bespoke caisson ceilings crafted from the finest wood materials
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Caisson ceilings

Wooden ceilings with the fine wood species grain have been gaining more and more popularity despite the wide range of modern finishing materials. Wooden ceilings can be found in private interior designs, presentable offices, restaurants, elite clubs, theaters, and other public places. Classical coffer ceilings or modern lath ceilings—wooden décor elements always make spaces appear cozy and alluring as they conduct both decorative and constructive functions.

A great variety of design possibilities for wooden ceiling beams and panels create an unlimited choice for the customer. There are different types of wood processing at our disposal—brushing, patining, gilding, toning, aging, using stained glass, painting, or carving.

Luxurious suspended ceilings are combined using square, round, or multangular wooden elements, or separate beams. Simple and multilayer ceiling constructions look spectacular both in modern minimalistic interior designs and marvelous solemn halls and anterooms.

Wooden ceilings have several practical benefits:

  • good heatproof and soundproof qualities;

  • possibility of concealing the wiring and ceiling imperfections;

  • possibility of using different types of lighting (spots or stained glass);

  • environmental friendliness;

  • durability.

In our catalogue, you can find a great variety of wooden ceilings that are manufactured at our production site. You can choose the suitable variant that will perfectly fit into your interior design.