Порода Ясень

Ash is highly estimated for its solidity and flexibility. It is ideal for the climate of central Russia.

Ash wood is widely used for parquet flooring thanks to its high technical qualities. Ash is ideal for parquet flooring that is susceptible to great loads and high passability. However, parquet from ash is very sensitive to drops of humidity and temperature.

It is known that wavy structure of parquet from ash looks well at large surfaces: it is light and it has many stripes.

To reach a special effect ash is slightly toned, heat-treated, aged and brushed. Flooring from ash is characterized by ideal smoothness of surface creating the feeling of harmony, peace, space, freedom and ease.

Ash always attracts attention making flooring the leading interior element.

Hardness, N/mm2   4,0 – 4,1
Density, kg/m3   700
Stability   2
Place of origin It includes about 70 species widespread in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, rare in subtropical and tropical zones
Color and texture
Wood is light, a bit yellowish, with distinctive texture at the cut. Sapwood and ripe wood do not practically differ. Structure resembles oak structure but without large medullar rays. Far Eastern ash of grey colour practically does not differ from oak. Medullar rays do not practically affect the texture, except for quartersawn cuts.

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