Древесина вишни

In the course of time cherry tree acquires beautiful warm reddish-brown colour. The diversity of colours is smoothed away. Flooring becomes more beautiful and noble.

Cherry tree is distinguished by excellent qualities: it is hard, solid, easy to process.

Treated surface is absolutely smooth. Wood of cherry tree is very decorative thanks to fanciful texture lines and warm nature shades. Parquet from cherry tree will decorate any premises, warm up with pleasant shades, make the house unique and serve for many years. Parquet from cherry tree is distinguished by delicate fragrance.

Cherry tree suits modern as well as classic interior.

Hardness, N/mm2
  3,0 – 3,2
Density, kg/m3
  594 – 630
Place of origin European cherry tree: all Europe, Asia Minor, the USA and some parts of Central America. American cherry tree: Canada, northern part of the USA. American cherry tree is called "black" because of dark shade in comparison with European wood species. European cherry tree is clearer and more selected than black cherry tree.
Color and texture
Wood colour is pink-brownish, sometimes pink-greyish. Sapwood is narrow and yellowish. Wood structure has smooth fibres with relatively even texture. Distinctive feature – veins and dark spots of wood resin.  

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