Древесина ятобы

Jatoba is the most popular import wood species. It is characterized by beauty, beautiful colour and perfect hardness. Jatoba emits orange resin that after millions of years turns into amber.

Thanks to its qualities jatoba is indispensable for creating home parquet floorings: wood is heavy, solid, hard and at the same time elastic, resistant to temperature drops, is elegant and beautiful.

Parquet from jatoba changes its colour considerably, and during a couple of days under the influence of sunrays. Jatoba is polished to high lustre.

Parquet from jatoba is considered "luxurious" flooring. It is hard to process, but it is sanded and polished to high lustre.

Hardness, N/mm2   5,5
Density, kg/m3   890 – 1060
Stability   3
Place of origin
Basin of the Amazon, South-Eastern regions of Brazil
Color and texture
Jatoba changes its colour considerably: from yellow, orange-brown and orange-pink to deep red colour. It has golden gleam. Fibres are often interlaced, texture is large. Sapwood is greyish-white, relatively wide. Wood has very beautiful and decorative shades from orange-brown to violet-brown.

Ятоба художественный паркет
Художественный паркет, ятоба
Ятоба паркет
Паркет ятоба