Solid parquet

Современный интерьер с массивной доской

Massive board is a plank of classical solid parquet that has oversize dimensions, tongues and grooves and bevel.

Engineered massive board is a multi-layer construction. The fibres of adjacent layers are perpendicular to each other. Both sides and ends of the plank have tongues and grooves designed for quick and quality joining.

The main advantages of massive board are its heat and sound insulation, the ability to use it in premises with high foot traffic. Massive board visually extends the premises, add elegance and solidity to the flooring. Massive board is installed in "deck" pattern. Thanks to bevels each plank is marked. The flooring acquires a unique and attractive ornament.

To enhance its competitive advantages the company Art Parquet pays attention to 5 main aspects

Solid board by individual order

The possibility of providing boards with specific dimensions is defined by the ability of quick rearrangement of the equipment. The equipment allows producing the following dimensions: length – 600-5000 mm, width – 80-205 mm, thickness – 20-22 mm, minimal wear layer is 9 mm.

High quality of solid board

Solid board is produced with the use of modern hi-tech equipment, that is why the geometry is ideal (working accuracy is 0,1 mm). Specialists will choose optimal dimensions for the profile that provide quality adjustment. Our products’ surface is of high quality: after its installation massive board form a surface that is ideal for further finishing. Our own complex of drying machines guarantees the moisture content of wood at 8±2% without inner intension.

Thorough raw material sorting

For hardwood species from midland (e.g. oak, maple, ash, pear tree, cherry tree) sorting is based on standard characteristics: knottiness, degree of mottling and type of saw cut (quartersawn cut, mixed cut – tangential and semi-tangential).

According to the state standard massive board is divided into two grades A (the highest quality category) and B (the first quality category). The grades are defined on the base of the following characteristics: quality level, wood specie, plank processing. The company Art Parquet has 4 grades of massive board: "Radial", "Premier", "Natur" and "Rustic". These grades helps clients to choose optimal variant regarding price and appearance. 

Finishing by individual order

A wide choice of colours and texture expressiveness of massive board is not limited to natural wood characteristics. Depending on type of finishing the company Art Parquet produces 2 types of massive board:lacquered massive board (UV curing), oiled-waxed. Prefinished massive board shortens installation time, save from dust and smell during parquet works. When using unfinished massive board any colour shade can be reached with the help of oil and wax.

The company Art Parquet offers different types of finishing by individual order: brushing, ageing, heat-treating, cutting, firing, scorching, patination, toning. Several types of finishing can be used simultaneously to create necessary effect.

Decoration of massive board by individual order

Embossing, decorative inlays of any artistic complexity – from recurrent geometric figures to curvilinear ornaments. For decorative inlays other wood species, metal and ornamental stone are used.

In coloristic laboratory the unique technology выкрасов, the natural shades which have considerably expanded color scale of wood is developed. In a palette of a massive board are presented 40 base shade on which basis create the color score as much as possible reflecting chosen style. Some kinds of processing can be applied to creation of the necessary effect simultaneously.

Современный интерьер с массивной доской
Гостиная с массивной доской
Интерьер с массивной доской
Массивная доска в интерьере поп-арт
Хай-тек, интерьер с массивной доской
Конструктивизм, интерьер с массивной доской