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Due to its high density and ease of processingmaple is one of the most popular wood species used for parquet manufacturing. It has soft light shade by means of which the space can be visually enlarged.

Maple parquet features in stability and can sustain different loads. its warm color palette is perfect for bland rooms and often used in the bed- and child rooms.

Distinctive features of maple parquet

If you decide to add maple parquet for you interior to keep the room light and feeling open, remember following details:

  • it gets darker with time;
  • it is prone to cracking.

Over time this wood specie becomes noble honey-yellow color which adds richness and contrast.

To avoid maple parquet expanding and contracting it`s very important to keep constant humidity level in the room. Otherwise you will be concerned with gapping and separating of maple parquet flooring with seasonal changes in moisture. To provide high quality of our products we pay due attention to the drying process at the very beginning. Drying is carried out according to the mature technologies in DeNardi kilns.

Made to order maple parquet is available brushed, patinated, antiqued, lacquered, oiled, planed and UV-finished..

After installation the parquet is being covered with several coats of high traffic varnish or oil. Don`t miss the chance to buy maple parquet directly from the manufacturer!

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Maple parquet
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More characteristics

Hardness, N/mm²: 4,5 – 4,8

Density, kg/m³: 530 – 650

Stability, c.u.: 2

Wood parquet patterns

Single heringbone pattern of parquet laying
Double heringbone pattern of parquet laying
Triple heringbone pattern of parquet laying
Chevron 45° pattern of parquet laying
Chevron 60° pattern of parquet laying
Cubical pattern of parquet laying
Basket weave pattern of parquer laying
Double basket weave pattern of parquet laying
Running bond pattern of parquet laying
Вид Third bon pattern of parquet laying
Radial bond pattern of parquet laying
Circular bond pattern of parquet laying