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  • Description


Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive, water and solvents free. It is used for laying all kinds of wood and in any size including solid wood.


  • mixture ratio: 9/1;
  • application temperature: +100C ÷+25°C;
  • application: notched trowel n. 5;
  • pot-Life: 2 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.); 
  • hardening: 36/48 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.;
  • coverage: 1300-1900 g/m² depending on the foundation;
  • colour: oak, walnut; 
  • storage stability: 1 year (in original sealed containers at temperatures between +10°C and+25°C);
  • packaging: 10 kg (9+1) - 5 kg (4,5+0,5);
  • tool cleaning: thinner DS (before the hardening of the adhesive).

Laying conditions:

  • foundation: dry, clean, no-dust creating, not too rough;
  • humidity of foundation: 2,0% max with cement foundations; 1,7% max with radiant heating foundations; 0,5% max with anhydrite foundations; 0,2% max with radiant heating anhydrite foundations;
  • wood humidity: 9%±2.

Other uses:

  • adhering of heat and sound insulating panels (cork, expanded polyurethane, rock-wool);
  • adhering of tiles on asbestos cement and chipboards;
  • adhering of wood and building materials (ceramics, stoneware-marble tiles) on to metal bases.

How to use 

After mixing the two components, spread SIGOL R.E. with a notched trowel uniformly on a clean foundation embodying possible dust present on it. Proceed with the laying ensuring that the wood tiles are put together properly and gently hammered so as to make the adhesive adhere well to the whole surface.

In presence of dust-creating and porous foundations, we recommend to apply first one coat of PRYMER PUB 77, PRYMER SF 1105 or PRYMER FAST 500 (see technical datasheet).

After 24 hours, proceed with the application of the adhesive. In presence of humid foundations, we recommend to apply first PRYMER PUB 77, PRYMER FAST 500, PRYMER SF 1105, PRYMER EPOX WETT or PRYMER WB 328 S (see technical datasheet). We do not recommend to dip the heads of the tiles into the SIGOL R.E. while laying them. If need be, dip the heads of the tiles into a vynilic (PARKETTKOLL) adhesive which has a very strong wood to wood adhesion avoiding also the typical "skidding" of the tiles. If the parquet is to be laid on glassy surfaces (ceramic tiles, enamelled tiles, polished marble, etc.), they need to be thoroughly roughened before gluing the elements. The subsequent sandpapering can be operated after 3-4 days according to the atmospheric and the parquet's hygrometric conditions. When laying down pre-finished parquet, in order to clean the pieces of wood which might accidentally get "dirty" while working, use immediately PULIPAR. We recommend, while using SIGOL R.E., to use all the personal prevention systems.