Manhattan is a historical heart of New York. The name derives from the language term manaháhtaan that means "the place where we get bows" or "place for gathering the (wood to make) bows".

Manhattan is a relatively small borough that is at the same time the biggest economic and cultural centre of the United States.

Performed work

Learn to see in the darkest dark and hear where there is no sound.
You will see light in the midst of darkness and hear harmony in the midst of the soundless.
Zhuangzi, Chinese philosopher IV c. B.C.

We have more than 10 000 accomplished projects for privatre clients. And we wanted to mention it here because this project was installed in the USA. It was a two-storey apartment in Manhattan. Our company has great experience in working abroad.

This project shows unusual harmony where every element of the room is in its place.

Floral compositions, ribbons and shaped elements are central for this interior. They associate parquet flooring with the rococo style. At the same time the location of decorative elements makes the interior light and airy that reflects modern tendencies in interior design.

Decorative elements on parquet flooring repeat the ornaments on furniture, fireplace, wallpaper and wall panels. The style of the interior is revealed in all its glory...