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  • Description


Two-component water-based polyurethane lacquer with good levelling and flowing, hardness, chemical and mechanical resistance. Next coats of ECOSTAR 2K can be applied 2-4 hours after applying the first coat, in this case sanding is unnecessary.


  • mixture ratio: 10:1;
  • application temperature: +100C ÷ +25°C;
  • application: roller/brush;
  • thinning (if necessary): DR H20 thinner;
  • dust dry: 30 min (at 20°C and 65% R.H.);
  • fingerprint dry: 2 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.);
  • pot-Life: 2 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.);
  • sandpapering: 24 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.);
  • overcoating without sanding: 4 - 12 h (at 20°C and 65% R.H.1);
  • gloss level: LD>50 gloss; OP-25 gloss; SUPER OP-10 gloss (onto wet film of 90 hardened at 20°C and 65% R. H. for 7 days);
  • chemical and physical characteristics: excellent;
  • coating: excellent;
  • wood oxidation: lightly;
  • storage stability: 1 year (in original sealed containers at temperatures between +10°C and +25°C);
  • packaging: 5,5 lt (5+0,5);
  • tool cleaning: DNH 40 thinner.

How to use

ECOSTAR 2K, catalysed according to the indicated ratio and mixed thoroughly, has to be applied to filled, sanded and vacuumed wood floors. When working conditions are critical (hot temperatures, low humidity or large areas), it is advisable to add 5-10% of retardant DR H20 thinner (see technical data sheet). Apply the finish evenly with a smooth flowing action avoiding accumulations and any risk of overlapping. A second coat of ECOSTAR 2K can be applied after 4 hours without sanding or after 24 hours with a previous light sanding using a 220/320 grit paper. A third coat of ECOSTAR 2K can be applied, following the previously mentioned guidelines. In order to achieve better results and higher softness to the touch, it is advisable to sand after each coat. Very good results can be achieved by applying a first coat of ECOPRIME HS 120 (see technical data sheet), sanding and applying one or two coats of ECOSTAR 2K. For a more intense coloration of the wood it is advisable to use as first coat ECOONE MS (see technical data sheet). In case of application of ECOSTAR 2K directly on wood with tannin content is recommendable to run a prior test. The maintenance of wood floors treated with ECOSTAR 2K has to be done with VELUREX range of products (see technical data sheets).