Art Parquet participated in the 6th International Exhibition of furniture, interior and design "FIDEXPO–2006" (Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, March 9-12, 2006).
At present oriental images are very popular in interiors. Following the fashionable trends in interior design Art Parquet presented a stand that carried all the visitors away to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The stand was made in traditional Japanese style: twigs of Japanese cherry tree, charming geisha, real samurai. Designers introduced a delicate oriental note to the interior using laconic forms, simple regular lines


Артпаркетру на Fidexpo 2006
Японская рапсодия панно
Панно Японская распсодия на Fidexpo 2006
Японская стилизация розетка
Декорированный штучный паркет