Moscow region, Khimki city, Repina St., 2/27
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+7 (495) 797 27 26 (ext. 114, 115, 167)

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Moscow State Variety Theatre was opened in June, 1954. It was founded by the group of leading Moscow performers headed by Nickolai Pavlovich Smirnow-Sokolskij — honoured Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR). Later in 1961 the theatre moved another address — Bersenevskaja naberezhnaya — where it is open for visits up to now.

Along with the common people there are also the guests of note to be seen here: famous politicians, businessmen, sportsmen, TV presenters and film directors, poets and composers, film and theatre actors.

On its 50th jubilee Moscow State Variety Theatre brought joy to all the visitors with its renewed interior. The crush-room and the checkroom were newly organized; old armchairs in the audience hall were replaced. The best pride and joy of the theatre — modern lightning plot, video equipment and front fills.

By the opening season in 2008 the ArtParquet company carried out works in removing the old parquet flooring and installed new one. It took us two weeks and a half to meet a target. Shield parquet has geometrical pattern and each shield consists of 4 squares. For this kind of wood flooring were chosen such wood species as oak and walnut. Both woods are stable to deformations and crack formations. In addition, as well oak as walnut are suitable to be installed in the places with high traffic flow.  

В юбилейном, 50-м сезоне Театр Эстрады встретил зрителей в обновленном интерьере. Переоборудованы фойе и гардероб, создано театральное кафе. В зрительном зале впервые за 20 лет были заменены зрительские кресла. Театр сегодня может гордиться и современной свето-, видео- и звукоаппаратурой. А к открытию сезона 2008 г. группа компаний «Янтарная прядь» выполнила работы по изготовлению и монтажу паркетных полов. Две с половиной недели - и новенький паркет на 500 м2 готов к приёму гостей и зрителей театра. Паркетный ансамбль составили великолепный дуб (признанный символ вечности) и яркий декоративный орех. Обе породы древесины устойчивы к деформации, трещинообразованию, хороши для внутренней отделки помещений и наиболее подходят для мест с повышенной проходимостью. Получилось строго, лаконично, в стиле московских театральных интерьеров.

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