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Restoration works in the Banquet hall, Moscow Kremlin. "Parket. Napolnye pokrytiia, №1, 2006

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The Banquet hall of the Moscow Kremlin is undoubtedly the most prestigious place for holding high profile events. Thousands of people at different times visited the Kremlin Palace and, for sure, were in the Banquet Hall.

Right on the eve of the 60th anniversary celebration of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, it was decided to carry out restoration works in the Moscow Kremlin, and the company Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet had the honor of restoring the unique floors.

The production and installation of artistic parquet (1215 sqm) in the central part of the Banquet Hall was carried out in a record time, but this in no way affected the quality of performing such a serious work.

Installation of parquet on a stage (200 sqm) was carried out for 1 day, and on the third tier (1390 sqm)  lasted only 6 days. All the works were finished by May 9th.

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Victory, the Moscow Kremlin hold the state reception, where the guests — heads of state, politicians and ex-servicemen — shared their impressions in the newly renovated Banquet Hall of the State Kremlin Palace.