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Parquet as a piece of art. "Parket. Napolnye pokrytiia, №1, 2007

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Colored artistic panel in Modern style is the next theme to be discussed. Many parquet companies use this method to embody their creative ideas. Perhaps, this project will remain only an exhibition model and will never have any chances to become a part of the floor covering. Nevertheless, there is a chance to be a plot of inspiration for one of the customers, who will desire to have an intricate pattern like this right on his floor. 

Of course, such artistic panel can revive any interior. The image was chosen by the designers of the company Yantarnaya for a reason, because dandelion is a symbol of movement, development, change and infinity. At first glance, "Dandelion" is implausible by its proportions, but at the same time it surprisingly realistic expresses mood and feelings, involving us in its parallel world full of light, joy and comfort.

An intricate pattern, hundreds of elements of various wood species, different in color and texture, are an image of a flower that everyone has known since childhood. It`s like a large, picturesque puzzle of parquet planks from merbau and maple, ash and amaranth, oak, birch and many others. This parquet flooring is not just a floor covering, but a reflection of views on the world of its owner.