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Parquet as a piece of art. "Parket. Napolnye pokrytiia, №1, 2006

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Artistic panels have always been a certain way of self-expression. Under the influence of some ideas, the things of the past become a kind of visiting card of the company at different fairs.

Borders, medallions or some other elements of parquet is one thing and artistic panel is another one. You`d think there`s nothing out-of-the-way — the same sketches, the same elements, the same preparationsteps — but they not. the You can look at it only at a certain angle. It`s something more complicated to preceive.

Such creativity is a typical thing in every serious parquet company. They create, introduce to the public and, of course, are proud. Whether it's the "Window to the Past Century" or the "Harley-Davidson" performed by the masters of Kovcheg Parket, "Japanese Rhapsody" by Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet or other equally excited pieces of art — all these definetely catches the eye.

Today we present a new work of Russian masters - contemporary understanding of Picasso. According to the designers of the company Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet "the agreement between modernity and tradition, rationality and decor on the basis of mutual concessions".

Artistic panel includes hundreds of separate elements from a variety of woods of different colors and textures, which later form an intricate pattern. Smooth lines are perfectly combined with sharp dynamic corners, making the ambiance modern and functional. In term of the project as a whole, the designers of Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet have worked out perfect combination of Classic and Modern styles, having created the ambiance where a person of any aesthetic views will feel comfortable.

Parquet is much more than just a floor covering. This is an element of the interior, able to tell not only about the well-being, but also about the tastes of the owner of the house, about his preferences in art. A beautiful parquet will turn even the most ordinary interior into an interesting and significant one.